Hi I am Chérine! I’m a sing and songwriter from Belgium. 

I started writing poems in my selfmade sticker books at a very young age.

Poems become songs, and I grow into a songwriter, I wrote mostly for other artists like Luka Cruysberghs and the dutch singer Emma Heesters. As I was singing my own demo I gradually opened up to be a singer myself.

I took a bold chance and was one of the contestants in The Voice of Flanders, after that in The Voice of France as my mother raised me bilingual… “My head thinks in English and Dutch but my heart feels in French.”

But it didn’t end there, I took part in The Voice of France again and this was a turning point for me! Spending time in Paris, and meeting wonderful musicians spurred me on to pursue my own career as an artist as well as writing my own songs. Mainly in french this time, instigated by her manager Hans Francken.

In 2022, I was one of the participants in MNM rising star,  which I didn’t win but it definitely made my mark! This was all a prelude to my big dream, to one day go to the Eurovision song contest and this was my first step with Eurosong Belgium. Although I didn’t win, I had a fantastic experience. 

My song ça m’ennuie pas has a place in the MNM TOP50 and I made my first videoclip for a song ever. And I am working on a lot of new music right now!