E.Y. Beats

E.Y. is a producer from the city of Antwerp, and ever since he was a child, his mom noticed something about him, his love for music. She bought him his first keyboard when he was 8 years old and he played it every day since. On his 13th birthday, he got his first computer, where he started producing his very first beats. A year later, E.Y. got introduced to trap music and it immediately caught his eye. He soon started launching his career, made a few hits, with one of them reaching 25 million views. He went through some challenging times, being homeless, having no money and growing up without a father… Music is what makes his life liveable, that’s his escape. The first time he got on stage and started performing, he knew THIS is where he want to be, THIS is what he wants to do. He started changing his style, which proved to be difficult, but music will always evolve and change, therefore, so will his sound.